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International Congress:

Equality, science and technology. For a paradigm shift

23th / 24th October 2023
Miramar Palace / Donostia / San Sebastián

Overall objective

To promote a paradigm shift in the field of science and technology so as to systematically and fully incorporate the gender perspective and respond to the challenges of achieving a fairer and more egalitarian society where no one is left behind.

Specific objectives

  • To raise awareness and analyse the regulatory framework, public policies and the challenges facing science and technology from the perspective of equality.
  • To tackle existing gender inequalities and gaps and the transformations required to systemically incorporate gender equality across the board in terms of diversity in the approaches to science and technology approaches and its structures.
  • To raise awareness of the main strategies, experiences and good practices at an international, national and regional level in order to bring about the systemic changes required at all levels, both in science and in technology.
  • To encourage science and technology to play an active role in creating solutions to make it possible to make real progress towards true equality and reduce male violence against women from a feminist perspective.
  • To acknowledge the role of women in science and technology and their scientific vocation, as well as an egalitarian, inclusive, safe and accessible digital transformation for the full diversity of women.
  • To tackle the influence that the prevailing model of masculinity has on how the current scientific and technological system is structured and implemented, including the very notion of scientific excellence, as well as the role of boys and men as key actors for change towards equality in this field.
  • To provide specific tools to incorporate the gender perspective into the daily practices of the organisations involved, bearing in mind the diversity of the actors involved in science and technology.
  • To make proposals for the future that aim to secure the commitment of all the actors involved, particularly those involved in decision-making, in order to make progress in terms of gender equality in the field of science and technology.